Our Conservation Work

Insect heaven!

Insect heaven!

Wild flowers

Pyramidal orchid

So far we have:

  • Reverted 50ha of arable land to species rich meadow and pasture using native seed
  • Left 2km of grassy field margins around arable fields
  • Established 7ha of wild bird cover containing fodder radish, triticale, quinoa, mustard, kale and millet
  • Planted over 1000 native trees and shrubs (although these areas are kept discreet to maintain¬† the open "wold" character of the farm)

Every year we:

  • Grow 4ha of legume nectar mix to help feed the bees and wild bird chicks
  • Create 4ha of fallow for ground nesting birds such as lapwing and skylark
  • Restore 25m of dry stone wall
  • Cut the hay late when the wild flowers and grasses have set seed
  • Leave blocks of grass and field margins untouched over winter for wildlife

We also:

  • Keep livestock numbers low to avoid over grazing and soil damage
  • Restrict avermectin (wormer) use so as to benefit dung and insect numbers
  • Leave dead wood in situ wherever possible
  • Leave hedges uncut for 3 years plus and cut only after winter leaving the berries for birds
  • Erect barn owl boxes and boxes for tree sparrows etc
  • Do not use artificial fertiliser on the species rich meadows and pastures
  • Manage the farm organically
  • Limit supplementary feeding of stock aiming for a natural grass based diet

With natural resources in mind we:

  • Do not work or travel on soil when wet so as to avoid compaction
  • Recycle all farm plastics, glass and scrap metal
  • Are reducing our energy usage and have switched to green tariffs
  • Monitor and reduce our carbon (CO2) footprint with the aim of being carbon neutral
  • Are researching ways to become more self sufficient in energy
  • Limit water use and collect rainwater
  • Compost as much as we can

Pop Up Event & Education Space
The Conygree Farm Pop Up Event & Education Space has been supported
by the Cotswolds LEADER Programme. It is part funded by the European Agricultural
Fund for Rural Development.